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webmaster@beyondthebeatles.com February 2018

John Lennon

Following the Beatles' split in 1970, he released the Plastic Ono Band album, a raw, honest record, heavily influenced by Arthur Janov's Primal therapy, which Lennon had undergone previously. This was followed by Imagine, his most successful solo album, which dealt with some of the same themes. The title track Imagine, is a lovely song which has become an anthem for world harmony. Imagine was Lennon's most memorable song, a song that still inspires generations of peace builders today.

His next album, Sometime In New York City, was loud, raucous, and explicitly political.

 The album contained songs about prison riots, racial and sexual relations, the British role in the sectarian troubles in Northern Ireland, and his own problems in obtaining a United States Green Card.


 Throughout his solo career, he appeared on his own albums (as well as those of other artists like Elton John) under such pseudonyms as Dr. Winston O' Boogie, Mel Torrment, and The Reverend Fred Gherkin.

     Two more albums of personal songs, Mind Games and Walls And Bridges came before 1975. Also one cover version,

Rock 'n' Roll, which included favorite songs of his youth. These albums were following a fourteen-month split from his wife Yoko Ono, during which he had an extramarital affair with Ono's former secretary May Pang. He then retired to concentrate on his family life.

     The retirement lasted until 1980, when he and Yoko produced Double Fantasy, a concept album dealing with their relationship. He also started work on Milk and Honey which he left unfinished. It was some time before Yoko could bring herself to complete it, after his death.

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